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“I have seen a transformation in our family since my father began attending
Briteside. The program has given my mother some time to take care of
herself – which she desperately needed – and it has given my father an
opportunity to begin socializing again.”
– Anna, daughter of Briteside Adult Day Center Participant

As Anna so eloquently expressed, Briteside Adult Day Center has been transformational for her family.
Her father was becoming a shut-in and only watching television. Her mom takes care of all her husband’s
needs when he is at home. She feeds him, takes his blood sugar and records it three times per day,
administers all of his medications since he has lost the capacity to do so by himself, does his laundry and
helps him with his showering and bathroom needs. All of these caregiving tasks would be difficult to
manage even at a young age but are positively exhausting when you are in your 80’s like her mom. For more information on ways to donate click here.