Local Family creates fundraiser to purchase/donate “The Cuddle Cot” for HMC Maternity team and Community.

In honor of their precious daughter Stella June Carroll, Stella’s parents, Caroline and Kevin are raising money to purchase and donate a Cuddle Cot to the Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, New Jersey where Stella was born.

On Saturday October 28, 2017 Caroline and Kevin’s world came crashing down. This is the day their precious daughter Stella died. That morning, at almost 39 weeks pregnant, Caroline woke up not feeling any movement from her daughter. Anxiously she called her obstetrician’s office and was were told to come in and check on the baby to make sure she was ok. Soon after their arrival, every parents worst fear was confirmed as the words “this is where we would normally see a heartbeat” trembled through Caroline’s body. Their baby girl was gone.

Caroline delivered Stella stillborn that same night after a labor induction. She was the most gorgeous sleeping girl they had ever laid eyes on. They both will never forget the time they spent with her: cuddling her, smelling her, kissing her, and just admiring their perfect girl. caroline and Kevin spent 12 short hours with Stella in the hospital before they left heartbroken and with empty arms as we left her behind.

After losing Stella, I researched and read everything I could about stillbirth, and that is how I learned about the Cuddle Cot. The Cuddle Cot is a cooling bassinet that helps preserve a baby’s body for up to three days after death, and it gives parents the gift of time.

Caroline Carroll

To give other bereaved parents that gift of time with their baby; and to give back to the amazing Labor and Delivery staff at Hunterdon Medical Center, the Carrolls’ would love to raise enough money to donate a Cuddle Cot in Stella’s honor. They have spoken with the appropriate staff at HMC, and they would happily accept this generous donation.

We feel so grateful for any and all donations, no matter how small, to help us reach our goal. Please share our story with your friends and family. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting us.

Caroline and Kevin Carroll

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